Our team

The Valphi team of financial analysts is led by Emmanuel Dayan.

Our experience in corporate finance and valuation services spans across all industries and sectors.

We share the belief that the understanding of market prices is central to the rendering of corporate finance and valuation services.

In addition to our valuation assignments, each of us is involved in the development of the Sismo® project, which aims at providing investment decision tools on European largest equities.

Our identity is shaped by our parallel practice of corporate valuation and equity research.

Emmanuel Dayan

15 years experience in corporate finance (Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank in London). Early career in French administration (DATAR) in Paris and Brussels.

Has dedicated three years (2003-2005) to launch a family business in food retailing and restaurant (Pomze).

Graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris.

T +33 1 84 17 22 44

Florent Myara

5 years experience in corporate finance (Détroyat Associés). Prior experience in audit and transaction services (5 years with Ernst & Young Paris).

Graduate from HEC.

T +33 1 84 17 22 48

Serge Lejan

2 years experience in corporate finance (Détroyat Associés, Leonardo & Co).

Graduate from Sup de Co Reims.

T +33 1 84 17 22 42

3 years experience in corporate finance (BNP Paribas, Détroyat Associés).

Graduate engineer from École Spéciale des Travaux Publics. MSc in International Finance HEC Paris. Global Real Estate Master University of Wisconsin.