Corporate valuation

We provide our opinions on the terms of a transaction and the fair value of securities.

Companies’ boards and financial management call on us to provide independent corporate valuation services and defend our conclusions.

Certain of our assignments are regulated and our conclusions are reviewed by market authorities.

Our practice is based on detailed argumentation in support of our conclusions and awareness that our work can be made public.

Independent opinions on the terms and conditions of a transaction or a public offer (independent expert opinions per the French Stock market authority’s general regulation – Book II, issuers and financial disclosure, Title VI) / Compulsory fairness opinions in going private situations.

Corporate assistance in value-related litigations and dispute resolutions (breach of warranty). Direct corporate assignment or assistance to legal counsel.

Specific in-depth business valuations in the context of strategic reviews (pre-IPO or sale to third parties / LBOs).

Annual valuation of employees saving plans invested in the company’s stock (FCPE). Incentive plans in listed or non-listed companies (LBOs management package, ESOPs).

Valuation for transaction or reporting purposes. Impairment tests.

Stock market research

Our market research originates in risk aversion analyses on European equity markets.

These analyses are based on expected returns for European stocks covered by equity research. They derive from individual stock historical and prospective data.

There is only a short distance from risk aversion indicators to individual stock investment decision tools.

Covering such distance is the purpose of Sismo®, our market research project.

July 2015 – Valphi’s research project Sismo® awarded innovation label for asset management services by Finance Innovation.

Finance Innovation is a business and research cluster dedicated to financial services. It is sponsored by Paris financial marketplace banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, universities and research centers.

Sismo® provides access to historical and prospective analyses through innovative charts designed to make complex information easy to grasp.

Sismo® covers European key equity indices and their constituent companies along with a large spectrum of indicators.

Sismo® is an investment decision support system spanning the largest European equities. It is designed for asset managers and financial management of European companies.